Mapping & Field Services


Satellite imagery can be defined as the key product of almost all the mapping projects as it is used as the baseline for further geo-spatial analysis and productions. In addition to providing a wide range of satellite imagery products to our customers, gpstek is focused on having the data extracted and delivered with highest attainable accuracy level. Combining our long term experience in land surveying and geodetic measurements with the in-house image processing capabilities of our qualified remote sensing specialists, satellite images are now being orthorectified with a very high level of positional accuracy enabling an unparalleled derived product performance.




satellite image processing services include,

  • Orthorectification
  • Seamless Mosaic Generation
  • Image Tiling
  • File format/ Map Projection Conversions


From detailed city maps to agricultural parcel inventory, from country-wide mid-scale maps to 1:1000 scale cadastral mapping, vector map generation is the primary filed of GPS-Tek with an experience of more than a decade.

Within a wide variety of projects accomplished our mapping office has experienced working with Ikonos, Quickbird, Worldview-2 and Geoeye-1 satellite imagery for large scale detailed city maps and with Rapiedeye and Spot5 satellite images for mid-scale country-wide maps.

For vector mapping services we provide are not limited to the shapes of the objects. In order to have a ready-to-use data in any kind of Geographical Information System, relevant attribute information is obtained from the field.

digital map production services include,

  • Satellite Image Based Vectorization (Buildings, Roads, Parcels, Landuse etc.)
  • Field Studies for Attribute Information
  • Creation of Large to Medium Scale Digital /Topographic (rasterized) maps
  • Change Detection Analysis


With the launch of next generation 0.5 meter VHR Satellites in 2009, 3D Products derived form stereo satellite images become more competitive and even preferable to Aerial Photograps in large scale 3D Mapping. We experienced vertical accuracies of 0.2 to 0.3 meters (RMSE) working with Worldview-2 and Geoeye-1 stereo satellite images which assures the confident use of these products in mapping up to 1:2500 scale.

Working with an extensive and well-experienced team of stereo editing operators, we provide an excellent quality of 3D Products to our customers within significantly short periods.

3d product generation services include,

  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Production
  • DEM Surface Analysis
  • 3D Vectorization


Simulation Technologies has a key role in terms of achieving cost-effective and reliable basic education. Instead of using real platforms, the information gained from low cost simulation based systems are used in improving the education levels of the users safely. With the development of satellite technology, the satellite imagery data along with digital elevation models and satellite image based layers become the most commony used data sets in creating the virtual environments within the simulators. With our unique combined capabilities in image processing, vector maps and 3D production, we are qualified to provide all the aspects of a visual database of any mission simulator.

visiual database generation services include,

  • Satellite Image Enhancements (color balancing, blending)
  • Surface Material Code Layer Production
  • Image / DEM seamless Integration
  • 3D Modelling (dynamic, static)
  • Level of Detail (LOD) Optimization