Geospatial Products


gpstek utilize the best in class source data for its field surveying and mapping value added services. As now, very high resolution satellite imagery marked as the industry reference for any geo-spatial situational awareness and mapping requirement of the enterprise and features a cost efficient, precise easy access to up-to date ground truth.

Our customers benefit from favored access and licensing conditions to bundled earth imaging data within their projects from the following list of commercial satellites.




Spatial Resolution
Positional Accuracy (RMSE)

Geoeye-1 | Worldview-1/2
50cm or better
up to 0.3m 

Ikonos | Quickbird
50cm – 1m
up to 1m 

RapidEye | Spot-5
1m – 5m
up to 5m 


  • gpstek simultaneous tasking capabilities from each of the listed platforms inline with the market demand ensures temporal resolution equivalent to a daily revisit and optimization of recurrent tasking for monitoring – change detection projects.
  • Even better various radiometric (8/11-bit) and spectral (Pan, R,G,B,Y, NIR, RedEdge, SWIR, Coastal) resolution options offered, enables tremendous analysis and enhancement options for industry specific demands.
Thanks to stereo imaging  mode supported by all above listed platforms, 3d feature extraction and terrain re-generation from high resolution commercial satellite imagery eventually replaces traditional aerial photography based photogrammetry techniques for most broad/remote area mapping requirements. Following gpstek custom built 3d products are being widely used within regional aviation, defense and telco industries for various services including but not limited flight simulation, airport and air-traffic management, GSM network planning and etc.
  • digital elevation models (Terrain/Surface) up-to 30cm XYZ accuracy
  • land obstacle databases for Aviation Safety
  • roughness maps for Wind Energy micro-siting
  • Photo specific 3D city models for utilities, simulation and etc.
  • clutter maps for Radio Network Planning
  • Large Scale cadastral maps
  • Complete simulation visual databases

gpstek customers also benefits satellite imagery derived digitization services in 2d and even in 4d (x,y,z,t) environments…

  • urban | building, road | routing, land use | parcel vector databases with attribute information from field surveys
  • countrywide custom-scale digital vector maps
  • recurrent monitoring – change detection Maps